...are grilled pastries made of yeast dough with a crust of cinnamon and sugar. They smell wonderful and taste delicious.


Zuckerrollis are also known as Trdelnik, Skalice Trdelnik, Baumstriezel, Kürtos, Kürtosalacs, Chimney Cake, etc.


We have known this delicious pastry for many years in the Czech Republic, where it is offered as “Trdelnik“ or „Skalice Trdelnik“.


Baking Baumstriezel and marketing it on seasonal markets, fests, and near tourist attractions has not only increased in the Czech Republic, but is becoming more and more popular in Germany as well. It's a “show-baking” attraction that is received enthusiastically on markets and fests.


In the meantime we have become passionate ZuckerRolli-Bakers. The production is uncomplicated, and the compliments and positive reactions to our ZuckerRollis is astounding and never ceases to inspire us.